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De-cluttering and organising services


House & home office de-cluttering service

In addition to de-cluttering and organising any room in your house we can arrange for unwanted items to go to your chosen charity shop, to be recycled, disposed of or even upcycled!*

For more information on our

de-cluttering service please contact us

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T: 0845  3304533


food shopping for special occasions e.g. Christmas, including sourcing ingredients

Other services


Visit our sister site SugarPepper Cooks for more details:

Cookery Lessons

By the end of the summer they may even offer to cook you Sunday lunch!

Visit our sister site SugarPepper Cooks for more


Have you found yourself accumulating more and more clutter as the years go by, or living in a house that’s too cluttered for comfort? Then now is the perfect time to clear cupboards, de-clutter drawers, get on top of piles of paperwork and reclaim the spare room!

Help selling unwanted items on eBay

House sitting

Household admin - we can work virtually, or on-site in your home or home office

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